• 8:00 CET (GMT+1), daily
  • 6 signals per day
  • Up to 1000 pt per month
  • E-mail, PA, software
  • Only $ 120 per month

We publish our signals every business day at 7-45 on CET (Central European Time). Each signal is a pending order to buy or sell for one currency pair. Usually at one day we publish up to 6 signals on three major currency pairs. Each signal is delivered to you via e-mail, web site (you can choose the most convenient option in the Personal Area after registration). The subscription price for one calendar month is $ 120. After payment, your trading signals will be provided to you within 24 hours.

The subscription process (registration) is very simple. On the subscription page, you need to fill in a few standard personal info fields. You also need to specify the username and password to access the Signals Area (Your Account). Due to our rules your login is your e-mail. Login (e-mail) must be unique. In the future your username and password will be used for all activities on the site, so remember it carefully.

After filling out the registration form, you will need to confirm your registration by clicking the «Register» button next to the form of you personal information. As soon as your data will be processed, you will receive a message with the confirmation of the successful registration to your e-mail, specified in the form of personal informaion. After receiving confirmation, you will be able to log in to your Personal Area

After a successful login to your account, you can choose delivery options for your signals, edit personal information, as well as to make a payment. For your convenience, ArtexTrade offers several options for the subscription — 1, 3 and 6 months. You can pay for our services by VISA / MasterCard credit card or direct wire transfer via Plimus. Note that when you filling out the payment form on Plimus page, you have to specify exactly the same e-mail, which is used in ArtexTrade, otherwise we would not be able to identify your payment and provide access to your trading signals. After successful payment, your access will be granted within 24 hours.

Our signals are very simple to use. Let’s have a closer look on the usual trading day. For example, in 7:50 CET you have logged in to your Signals Area and found out there are a new buy signal for the pair EUR/USD:

EURUSD sell stop 1.3780; TP at 1.3730, TP2 at 1.3680; SL at 1.3830;

This means we recommend to open a new pending sell stop order now at a price of 1.3780. For example, today our signal is consistent with your predictions of the market and you decide to work with the second Take Profit level. So, you should modify the specified sell stop order to set a new Take Profit level at the price of TP2 (in this example it’s 1.3680).

N.B. Although the probability of taking the second target level (TP2) is usually high enough, we recommend to move your Stop Loss level to a non-loss area (in this case it’s an open price, 1.3780). This will protect you from sudden losses and maximize your profit.

When the Take-Profit level is set, we strongly recommend you to add the Stop Loss level. To do this, you should modify the existing Sell Stop order to add Stop Loss in a value of 1.3830. The Stop Loss level — is a very powerful tool for the loss prevention, if a trading situation does not go in compliance with the planned scenario.

Tip: If you are not sure in the market volatility, you can always use the dynamic Stop Loss level (so-called trailing-stop). With each point passed to your TP level, the Stop Loss level will be automatically set closer for one point. This will help you not to lose money in a case of a sudden market moves to the opposite direction.

Find out more details and get answers to your questions in the FAQ page.

If you wish to contact the ArtexTrade Helpdesk, you can always do this on the Contact page.