• 8:00 CET (GMT+1), daily
  • 6 signals per day
  • Up to 1000 pt per month
  • E-mail, PA, software
  • Only $ 120 per month
When do you publish your trading signals?
Trading signals are published every business day at 7-45 CET (Central European Time).
What is CET (Central European Time), and where can I specify it?
You can find out the exact CET time at this link: http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/europe/european-union/central-european-time/
How many signals will I receive after subscribing?
It depends on the current market situation. Usually, we publish two signals for one currency pair (6 signals for the three currency pairs) every business day. But in some days , there can publish 4 or 2 signals or not to publish at all. It means we do not recommend to trade this day. General rule: if the signals are not published until 8-15 CET, so we consider this day is not suitable for trading.
What is the average monthly profit with your trading signals?
Our average profit is typically 1000 + points. However, the market situation is often various, so in individual cases your profit may vary both in the smaller and in a bigger way.
What do your trading signals look like exactly?
It is always pending orders to buy or sell with two target levels of Take Profit and one level of Stop Loss.

Example: EURUSD buy stop 1.2334; TP at 1.2379, TP2 at 1.2410; SL at 1.2290

This means that you need to set a new but stop order to buy EURUSD at the price of 1.2334. For profit fixing, we recommend to use one of the proposed Take Profit levels (which exactly depends on the chosen risk management strategy). Also, we urge you to set the Stop Loss level at 1.2290 to limit potential losses.

What broker / terminal do you recommend to trade with your signals?
It is not fundamentally. Each broker has its strengths and weaknesses. For your convenience, we could recommend to use a broker who provides the trading platform with quotes containing 4 decimal places, ‘cause our signals are published in a such format. And, of course, the smaller spread your broker provides for the major currency pairs - the better for you.
How will I receive my trading signals?
You will be able to receive trading signals via e-mail alert, your account at Personal Area, ICQ (requires authorization) or SMS (charged separately). Also, especially for our clients we have developed a software for Windows Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7. It is active permanently and alert you about new signals.
Why don’t you trade with your signals yourself?
We are an independent trading company for last eight years. At the moment, the publication of trading signals is only an additional source of income for our traders group. The main income for us is exactly daily trading in the FOREX market. So, we trade with you every business day.
Do you teach to trade FOREX?
No. All of our trading algorithms and strategies are our property and not subject to public disclosure.
I have a question. How can I ask it?
You can ask all your questions via the feedback form on the contact page. We will get a reply within 24 hours.